Rovers Scouts is the section of the Scouting Movement that cater for those over 18. UCC Rovers pride themselves as being the college’s only club were you are equally as likely to be found up a mountain as you are toasting marshmallows by the Amphitheatre at one of our regular on-campus camp fires.

Rovers is welcoming everyone! So don’t worry if you haven’t come from a scouting or guiding background. We are here to provide you with the knowledge of and opportunity for the scouting experience!


Rovers provides an outlet for all students who love

  • travelling,
  • outdoor pursuits,
  • love of new experiences,
  • fire 😉

Rovers is a great way to meet with similarly minded people from UCC and with our IVs that even spreads to other universities and colleges across Ireland.


We have regular events such as

  • camp craft tutorials,
  • orienteering,
  • movie nights,
  • socials,
  • talks
  • trips around both Co.Cork and cross country,

Rovers offer a chance for both visiting students and full time students to experience the Irish outdoors in their full glory!

Rover Scouts are a really club not to be missed out on during your time in UCC. So Catch us around campus (we’re the ones in the tent…)

Check us out on Facebook/Twitter or website or email us for further information. For More Details of how to get in touch go to Contact Us.

Be Prepared to Start Your Adventure